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Renegade Roofing & Construction LLC Offers Roof Membrane Repairs

For roofing services in Northeast PA, Renegade Roofing & Construction LLC in Forest City is the most trusted roofing contractor. Our roofers offer roof membrane repairs among our many services. We provide superior roof and gutter repairs and installation throughout Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, Susquehanna, and Wayne counties. With more than ten years of experience, we have the expertise to provide tailor-made roofing solutions. We strive to meet your needs and budgets. Whether repairing your roof shingles or undergoing full-roof replacement, our professionals do the job right.

On-site Trailer

New, Renegade Roofing Dump Trailer!

For all on-site projects we now provide a dump trailer for any waste materials. Renegade Roofing takes pride in a safe, clean work environment for any job big or small. Renegade Roofing, “nailed it” once again!

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Call us today at (570) 499-5305 or contact us online for more information and to schedule your next roofing project. Our hours are Monday through Friday 7-7, and we offer 24-hour emergency service.

"We Nail It!"

Providing Residential Roofing for Your Home in Northeast PA

If you are looking for a residential roofing company to bring your dream of an aesthetically appealing home, look no further. Renegade Roofing & Construction LLC has vast experience working with a wide array of roofing products. These include composition shingles, PVC, TPO, tile roofs, metal roofs, asphalt shingles, and more. Our expert will visit your home in Northeast PA for a free roof inspection. We help you choose the best roofing design and roof type for your building. We then review the advantages of different roofing materials and how long each lasts, so you can make informed decisions.

Businesses Trust Us for a Variety of Commercial Roofing Projects

Commercial roofing is entirely different from residential roofing for several reasons. While commercial roofs consist of flat or nearly flat, metal or membrane roofs, residential roofs are steeper. Generally, commercial roofs can be more complicated to install, especially if it involves large commercial buildings. The two types of roofing also require different permits and licenses from the county and city.

When choosing commercial roofing services in Northeast PA, you need to work with an appropriately licensed and insured roofing contractor. Renegade Roofing & Construction LLC is regional expert on commercial roof installations, repairs, and replacement. Getting roofing installation with us is a great way to avoid additional and pricey repairs in the future, typical of poorly done installations.

Choose Your Commercial Roofing Material Options

With commercial roofs, you have several additional options for roofing materials. These include metal, PVC, TPO, EPDM, asphalt shingles by Owens Corning®, composite, and more. Our experts are on standby to advise you which roof materials are best for your business.

Get Professional Roofing Services from Renegade Roofing & Construction

At Renegade Roofing & Construction LLC, we understand that it takes professional, qualified roofing experts to meet the demands of any roof. We commit ourselves to providing our residential and commercial clients with the most innovative roofing solutions. Our team will always strive to meet your needs and budgets.

Reputable, Reliable, Results!

Renegade Roofing & Construction LLC has a proven track record. We offer high-quality residential and commercial roofing solutions throughout Northeast PA. Every roofing project is different, so we help choose the right roofing solution to meet your needs and budgets. Beyond roofing services, we offer siding, gutter, and repairs to give your property the upgrades it needs.

Renegade Roofing & Construction LLC is the smart choice
for roofing services in Northeast PA.